Here are the Frequently Asked Questions asked on Books and Wine.

Do you still have a few questions on Books & Wine?

If this is your first time here, you might have a few questions on what exactly Books & Wine is, what happens here and how you could be a part of it. We hope we have answered all your questions below.

What exactly is Books & Wine?

Books and Wine is a community of book and wine lovers. We bring to  our community members all things books and wine (news, offers, information, events) through various platforms. We engage through our social media accounts, this website as well as monthly events in Nairobi.

How can one become a part of Books & Wine?

You can be engage with us in various ways. One, is following us and engaging on social media; Facebook and Instagram @booksandwineke. Another way is signing up for updates via email through the ‘subscribe’ tab on this website. Lastly is by attending our Books & Wine monthly events



What happens at the Books & Wine events?

Each Books & Wine event is unique. However, there are certain things that you can always expect to find. One is a discussion based on a book/ book excerpt. The second thing is wine. We always sample a variety of at least 4 wines and get to learn about them from a Sommelier/ wine expert. This happens in a fun and engaging way that often involves music, performance and food.

The specific event details are always communicated in the event poster

What does the event charge cover?

We charge a fee for the monthly Books & Wine events that allows us to cater to the wines, food and other venue costs. The charge allows you to attend the event at no extra charge for the duration of the event. To get the best deal, we encourage attendees to get advance tickets which are often discounted